Google Penguin Recovery Services


Google Penguin Recovery Services.

All the webmasters, online business owners and other people running their websites have found Google Penguin to be a nightmare for themselves. It is one of the largest algorithm updates ever made by Google. All people running websites have to worry about their search engine rankings. Everyone knows the importance of Search Engine Optimization well. Google Penguin had cost death to many people. It had almost become impossible to avoid the ranking penalty of the Penguin. Basically the Penguin update was designed for targeting the spam websites and penalizes them. Because of this penalty, the sites have to experience a major decrease in the Search Engine Results Page Rankings. The websites that used Black Hat SEO techniques were majorly the ones that were penalized by this update of Google.

The Google Panda Update is really efficient. It assesses each and every inbound link of a website in order to investigate whether or not they have been manipulated. If the links are found to be manipulated then a message is sent to the owner that unnatural links have been detected at his site. This directly affects the SEO as the website’s ranking falls.

The penalties can be of 2 types. The first one is manual penalty. These are for huge brands or networks that are caught up using SEO tactics which are unfair and against the quality guidelines that a Google Webmaster needs to follow. The other type of penalty is Google Penguin itself. It is an algorithm penalty for websites that have low quality content, stuffed keyword, manipulated or paid and various other black SEO techniques.

Here are the signs that tell you that your website has been penalized:

  • Drop in your organic ranking (for target keywords or trademarked terms).
  • No sign of your website when you Google “site:”.
  • Less web traffic and lowers leads.
  • An alert in your impression data or Google Webmaster Tools.

The strategies that we have drafted is in accordance to the points that are been considered as good thing by Google.

The steps that we include in our strategy reads:

  • Evaluating and getting rid of all unnatural internal and backlinks with the help of Google tools.
  • Using Google Webmaster link reports to analysis links and act accordingly.
  • Our proprietary tools are being used to analysis external links.
  • Analyzing anchor texts.
  • We follow streamline guidelines from Google while pruning bad links.
  • A spam audit is carried out to look for cloaking, hidden text, hidden links, etc. and shun them effectively.
  • We also evaluate your on-page contents by doing a thorough plagiarism test and replace all duplicate content found throughout the website, with fresh, unique and more engrossing content .
  • submit a reconsideration request in Google Webmaster once all the errors have been fixed and eliminated.

So if your website has been penalized, you will need the penguin recovery services. Some people think that Google Penguin Recovery is impossible. It is not impossible actually but it takes time to recover from it. If you think that you can reclaim your lost ranking yourself then you might not be right because plenty of experience as well as effortsare required for this.

Usually a website owner knows what kind of SEO techniques it is using for increasing its ranking. However, there are times when a person (probably a newbie) might not be able to figure out that he is not using the right ways or following the guidelines. Such a person and all others suffering from the penalty will need the Google Penguin recovery services. The traditional optimization methods do not prove to be useful against the recovery.

Not many websites have been able to recover from the penalty especially the e-commerce websites. Therefore getting a penalty can cost you death too. But a good thing is that the Google Penalty Recovery Services are available to save all from this nightmare.

The question is this, what can a recovery service do for you? If you think that you can fix the problem by removing the low quality links, or using the hand built links will be enough to recover the loss then you are wrong. The need of the hour is to engage in White Hat SEO techniques to again make your website attain a good rank. The recovery service means you are getting professional help. can offer you Google Penalty Recovery Services. Firstly, to begin with, we will go for baseline rank checking. After this, duplicate content will be checked. Then comes the external and internal backlink analysis, checking the status of the pages, broken links, duplication of the Meta tags and similar other things that can be a cause of the penalty.

Don’t get disheartened if you have got a penalty. There is still hope if you are ready to invest your time and effort in it. You can steadily gain back the lost ranking. We will then work on devising the action plan according to the defaults in your website. Basically, new content is created, Meta tags are corrected, internal and external linking is renewed, all the unnatural links are removed and a reconsideration request is sent to the Google webmaster after taking corrective measures.

You will be glad to know this that there a few bits of chances that penguin has spammed you mistakenly. If you think it has happened then you can use the Penguin Feedback form for explaining the situation. It will be available at the webmaster forum at Google. When explaining, don’t actually start with an attitude that Google is wrong! You can quote in the examples where your website had been listed at some place where quality at its highest standard is needed. It’s no harm in explaining the searchers what’s actually best about your website. Don’t say anything about the traffic you have lost or are losing. This explanation might save your ranking so it will be worth to give it a try. It is better than doing nothing.

Usually Google warns you about your over optimization before penalizing. If you act promptly at that time then you can save efforts big time. Nobody would ever like to get penalized by Google Penguin. So just when you receive the warning message, start analyzing everything about your website. Take an internal exam of everything going around and then start taking corrective measures. Before it’s too late, prefer going for the Google Penguin Recovery Services being offered by Escort Website Design. These services can be a great help for you. You will have to be a lot patient all the way because if you are penalized then it will take a lot of time to make your website recover.

So, if you have just started your website, don’t under estimate the importance of the White Hat SEO techniques. If you want to improve your rankings and maintain them for long too then you will need to make sure that you are using all legitimate ways in order to stay on the top and generate more leads.

Has your website been penalized by Google’s Panda or Penguin update? Have you noticed a drop in your website’s search engine rankings? Have you felt a significant decrease in organic web traffic and leads? Looking for advice? Let’s get in touch and talk about the best way to move forward. Let our SEO experts analyze and evaluate your website and make recommendations and changes to recover your lost rankings, traffic, leads, and sales. Contact us today or call 800-696-4690.

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