Google Panda Recovery Services


Google Panda Recovery Services

Google Panda was the update introduced on February 24th 2011 and certainly all the website owners must be well familiar with this update. It had killed the businesses of many websites as it massively decreased the ranking of a number of websites. They were literally brought down to zero because of this tool. The websites that contained duplicate, low quality of repeated content were the victims of Google Panda.

At one hand this update was devastating for the websites that contained low quality and copied content, on the other hand, those websites that contained fresh and high quality content were greatly benefited from it. Their ranking as well as leads suddenly increased. Although it wasn’t fair with those who had up a lot of money in increasing such a high ranking but still on the bright side their unlawful means of promoting themselves made them suffer.

All this has been done in order to make internet a better place. But many of the web masters had to lose millions of dollars all over the world. Imagine if you were at the top of the best list and you are brought down from this position suddenly. How would you feel? It was not just a great financial loss but a mental and physical damage for many of the webmasters too.

First of all take a look at the reasons for which your site might be penalized by Google Panda:

  • Over optimization is the very first reason for which you might come under the target of Google. People don’t actually have quality content and they go on optimizing their websites and in the end get detected by Google.
  • Using too many keywords is just like inviting troubles for yourself. With too much keyword use, you will get noticed by Google and because of the use of excessive keywords you will be penalized. Too much use of keywords means spamming. That time has gone when websites were ranked on the basis of the number of keywords they used. Google has made tough standards for getting high ranking now.
  • If your website has virus or malware then Google will not like it and if it will happen regularly then you will be penalized. Even too much spam can be harmful for your website.
  • If your website does not offer a good user experience then consider it a threat. If Google finds it, you will be penalized for it.
  • Duplicate content is one of the major reasons why people are penalized on Google. If your website contains copied or duplicate content then Google is going to find you no matter where you are. It will not let you get away with duplication.
  • If your site has too much banners or graphics, it can be irritating for the customers as they will load slowly. If suddenly Google makes a visit and finds your site being loading to slowly then you will get a penalty for sure.

If you have been penalized by Google Panda then you need Google Panda Penalty Recovery Consulting. Escort Website Design is one of such trustworthy online Internet Marketing Company that promises to offer you the best ever Google Panda services on the current scenario.We have got experienced SEO team that can identify all the issues in your website that has made you come across the Google Panda penalty. The web content, Metatags backlinks, anchor texts and other issues within the website will be checked.

The question is what can we do for you?

  • All the keywords will be analyzed first.
  • Web content will be checked for duplication and Meta tags will be reviewed.
  • The external and internal backlinks will be examined for quality.
  • Broken links and redirection of the pages will be checked.

We will be fixing the:

  • Duplicate content by replacing it with unique and quality content.
  • Use interesting Meta tags instead.
  • All the unnatural links as well as backlinks will be removed.
  • A reconsideration request to Google will be sent after fixing the errors.
  • The status of all the webpages will be checked.

With our Google Panda Recovery services, you will be able to recover from the curse. However, this will take time so your patience will be required. Later on, you will have to make sure you use White SEO techniques for the optimization of your website or blog because you can’t get away with it when it comes to Google Panda.

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