Why you Should Stay Away from Black Hat SEO


Fri 2015

Why you Should Stay Away from Black Hat SEO

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es3If you are running or planning an adult escort agency website, you can feel overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of SEO tricks and techniques available at your disposal. This applies to even the experts you hire to optimize your Escorts website for various search engines. You need to be aware of the techniques that are employed by your Escorts SEO experts as you can find paying a heavy price in the form of penalty if found using Black Hat techniques by Google. If you do not know what a Black Hat technique is and why you should stay away from it, read on to find the reasons.

es2The reason why some techniques are labeled Black Hat is because they try to engage search engines in games that can be broadly termed as unethical. White Hat tricks are, on the other hand, those that are advocated by search engines and accepted as right by the industry experts. There is even a third category labeled as Grey and which contains techniques that are rather new and still not branded as good or bad. Thus, Black Hat techniques are essentially those SEO techniques that are bad in the eyes of the experts and accepted as such by the industry.

Why should you be concerned with this Black and White terminology? This is because of the manner in which search engines view these techniques and impose penalties n websites employing these techniques. Search engines have their ways to determine whether you have used Black Hat SEO techniques or not, and they can either lower the ranking of your site or even remove it from their ranking altogether. Here it is interesting to note that some of these Black Hat techniques were at one point of time accepted by the industry as good ones but got reclassified as bad with passage f time (such as overstuffing keywords in the content). What this means is that you should be aware of the guidelines issued by search engines when employing SEO techniques to your escort agency website. We at Escort Web Design make it easier for you by employing only the good ones Adult SEO Expert to keep your website away from Search engine penalties.

Let us take a look at some of the infamous Black Hat techniques.

Overuse of keywordses1

Sensing the importance of keywords for search engines, websites earlier stuffed these keywords in large numbers without their need in the body of the content. Eventually search engines termed this abuse of keywords as a Black Hat technique. Today using keywords in a frequency higher than 1-2% s considered as an offense by Google.

Masked text

This technique involves using keywords in white ink on white background and black ink on black background so as to make them invisible to human eye but visible for search engines.

Bridge page

This is a technique that cheats visitors and sends them to a page that is different from what they believe they are being directed to. This trick is achieved using Java, PHP or even Perl. You should avoid this Black Hat technique on your adult website.

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