Top 10 SEO Scams and How to Avoid Them

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A lot of new online players would like to get their businesses in the top ranks overnight. However, this is an impossible feat. You can’t really put your website into the number one spot of a major search engine in just a few hours even if you are the greatest SEO expert known to man. The job at hand requires hard work and lots of man hours.

If you got SEO experts saying that they can make miracles for you, think again. Below are the common scams they use. Use the tips listed along to avoid them.

1. Top rankings in 24 hours

There’s nobody in the SEO world who can guarantee you of top rankings, period – so much worse if they’re putting a deadline to it. When they say that they can do it within a specified timeframe, why not ask them to prove it to you with one of their newly-constructed mini sites?

2. Ridiculous pricing

Realize that SEO is a taxing job. It requires long hours of hard work. Anybody who is willing to work for a rate lower than a dollar per hour is bound not to lift a finger to do anything. On the other hand, those who are charging outrageously high fees for the job are likely to use paid links.

3. Sending unsolicited mails to your inbox

Only spammers send unsolicited emails. If you found a SEO offer sitting in your inbox and you don’t recognize where it came from, it is most likely a scam. Delete it or flag it as spam.

4. Use of undisclosed SEO strategies

This is a big red flag. Secret strategies are too risky. Oftentimes, they pertain to black hat SEO techniques that would eventually get your website banned by the major search engines.

5. Offering trial services

For a free SEO trial service, what would the company ask from you in return? Would they need the password to your FTP site or full access to your hosting service? Just imagine what they can do if you give them these things.

6. Thousands of search engine submissions

Thousands may sound good. But in reality, there are only a handful search engines that really matters – Google, Yahoo, and MSN. All the rest are not too important.

7. You can’t search their SEO Company at all

How can you possibly get help from a company that can’t help itself? If during your search you found that company’s own ranking is right at the bottom of the 100th page, you better reconsider hiring their services.

8. There’s no contact number, just an email address

If you are to pay for anything, you should never be content with a web contact form. You should be able to call the SEO Company directly and they should handle your concerns immediately.

9. Insider access

Escorts SEO companies that boast of insider access to Google, Yahoo, or MSN are lying through their teeth.

10. Algorithm experts

Google’s and other search engine’s algorithm are complex set of codes that only the robots can understand. Unless you’re hiring robots for a Escorts SEO company, don’t believe that they can work around these algorithms.


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