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An escort agency based in London contacted us to help it to become more visible on search engines. The agency wanted more traffic directed to its website to increase their business. We made use of our unique ‘Push Further Adult SEO’ trick so as to make their website appear in the top results returned by Google. Their website was on page 1 using different keywords and the monthly traffic to their website more than doubled because of our efforts.

SEO Vector puzzle backgroundWhat we did to gain page 1 ranking

The escort agency in question was an 8 month old venture that began with more than 50 beautiful Russian escorts but their numbers shrunk to around 8 as the company got very little business. Someone told the company about the importance of SEO in their escort marketing strategy and they promptly hired the services of an Escort SEO and Marketing company. Unfortunately, the escort agency in question did not see any improvement in their business even after several months of effort put in by the SEO expert. Sadly, the agency gave up on their SEO efforts but somehow contacted us knowing it was impossible to move ahead without SEO. Needless to say, the people behind the agency were skeptical about the efficacy of SEO when they talked to us and it was only natural considering their recent experience with their hired Escort SEO specialist. They were eager to see if we could do things differently to produce their desired results. So we chalked out a plan with a customized SEO strategy and they gave us the contract to do wonders with their website.

SEO may be same but not the companies applying them

We conducted a postmortem of sorts on their previous SEO attempts and found that despite being a large 20 page website, it was divided into only 2 parts. There were too many keywords inside the meta tag with some of them being useless. They were using a single piece of text in the name of content for various search engines which was ridiculous. It did not take us long to know that they had been duped by their so called SEO expert. We are not afraid to say that though SEO remains the same, it cannot be said for the SEO companies also. Thus there are the good as well as bad SEO companies and it is these poor quality companies that are hurting the cause of the clients and also bringing disrepute to the profession of SEO on the whole.

One of the most important principles of SEO is to have a meaningful and all conveying title containing the targeted keywords in it. This title of a web page should be able to convey to the visitor what he or she can expect inside. The days of stuffing the metatag with keywords that are general or not even related with the content of the article are long gone. Google has come out in the open in its criticism of placing too many keywords in the metatag saying this can lead to the misuse of the metatags.

SEO - Search EngineTaking another chance with SEO

We had to clean up all the mess that had been created by the previous so called SEO expert. But before that, we spent time in taking a look at how the website was performing in the eyes of various search engines. We were not at all surprised by the lack of tools that are installed in place to track the incoming traffic. It is simply not possible to know how your tools are working if you are not able to track the incoming traffic. This is why we not only installed Google analytics but also inserted webmaster tools from Google. Then we made an analysis of the web traffic coming to the website of the escort agency.

The next step that we undertook was a detailed research of the keywords. We tried to figure out the words that people were using to conduct searches about escorts and such agencies. It soon became apparent to us that surfers are very specific in their search for these girls and agencies. This helped us in fixing the keywords that were mainly based upon people’s fantasies and desires. After this, it was the turn of an SEO strategy to be put into place. Take a look at the steps we took for this purpose.

1) We chose a perfectly matching CMS to make management of SEO easier

2) We created titles that were attractive and placed CTA buttons inside content that compelled readers to spring into action

3) We optimized HTML with a clean code

4) We optimized all images used in the website

5) We placed keywords inside the bio of each and every escort

6) We created landing web pages that were specific to escort niche

7) We set about on our task of creating links with other websites in this business

8) We set about on our task to have social media promotion

9) We studied and analyzed traffic to measure ROI

Surprising results

With our customized SEO strategy in place, organic traffic on the website doubled in a short time and the website got a page 1 ranking on all search engines. With the use of meaningful keywords related to the niche, more potential clients were able to find the website. Increased number of customers meant bookings went up considerably. This lead to hiring of new girls and the business of the escort agency started to boom. Despite such drastic results, we still believe that the results of any SEO endeavor should be judged in terms of quality and not just quantity.

How Adult SEO can work wonders for your company

If you are able to make use of the right SEO tools, you stand to gain free adult traffic. You can also track this traffic frequently to measure the ROI. Of late, Google has been emphasizing fresh content, trustworthiness of the brand and social media campaigns. Google has been seen penalizing websites for link building that is paid or unnatural. The tools that are very effective in adult SEO are web analytics, webmaster tools, keyword tool, SEOmoz, and so on.

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