Most Popular SEO Tools for the Year 2014


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Most Popular SEO Tools for the Year 2014

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Optimization is a procedure that is heavily dependent upon tools. A good and experienced SEO expert is aware of these tools and right resources that help him with different objectives such as research of keywords, arranging and analyzing backlinks, study of social media, analysis of data, and so on. However search engine optimization is a dynamic field that remains in a state of flux with every new algorithm announced by Google. Some tricks and techniques get added while some others become obsolete every few months. Read on if you are wondering about the important SEO tools that you are likely to encounter in 2014. Work with these tools to give a boost to your website.

Tools for keyword researches4

Google Keyword Planner:

Google Adwords has been phased out and Google has introduced a new tool called Keyword Planner. This tool has more features and functionalities such as provision of monthly trend and research of negative keywords.

Bing Webmaster Keyword Tool:

Another one that is very useful is Bing Webmaster tool. It allows for knowing the rank of your chosen keywords as well as impressions made by visitors.


Grepwords is another tool for keyword research to look for in 2014. It gives you ability to find powerful expressions.


Last but not the least is Searchmetrics that allows you to count the volume of searches made on the basis of particular keywords.

Analysis of visibility on search engineses5

Search Latte is a tool that gives you liberty to take a look at your ranking in different countries on local search engines. You can get the report of your visibility on search engines with Stat.

Take help from Advanced Web Ranking that allows you to conduct advanced search on the basis of keywords.

SEO analysis of the page

Bing SEO analyzer : is a great tool to analyze optimization of your website. It has an easy user interface that makes it very popular.

Moz Pro Toolset : is a crawler that gives you weekly reports on notices and warnings issued by search engines. One good tool that works as a crawler of websites is SEO.

Spider : It has many features and can create sitemaps for your adult website.

Analysis of backlinks and its reportinges6

If you are worried about broken links, try Check My Links that is available as a browser extension and gives you reports of all links on your website. You can also take help from Redirect Path that is another browser extension. To check and compare your backlinks with your competitors, you can make use of Ahrefs.

Monitoring social media

Running an escort agency successfully requires you to conduct operations on social media also. We at do it for your website to help you generate higher sales. All you need is to hire The Escort SEO Specialist at Escort Website Design are eager to assist you with all of your SEO needs for agencies and independents website. Social Crawlytics is one social media platform that provides you with detailed page level reports. Topsy is one tool that provides you rank of your website on various social media websites. You can conduct an easy search by just entering URL name on this tool. One god tool for keeping track of social mentions is Fresh Web Explorer.

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