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Fri 2015

Google Hummingbird

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Google Hummingbird: Changes in Search Algorithm

Google has been making frequent changes in its search algorithm of late. The latest change announced by this giant search engine is Hummingbird and if one goes by the statement made by Google, it is done to allow better analysis of long and complex searches made by people around the world. Surfers around the world conduct searches in different ways and Google says that the changes introduced in the search algorithm will take into account the queries made by these people to come up with results that are most appropriate.

The new algorithm intends to bring results more appropriate to the query

Google says that the traditional algorithms to analyze searches made by people are no longer working. This is why it was forced to come up with new algorithm Hummingbird to better analyze complex searches made by internet users across the world. These observations were made by Amit Singhal, the Vice President of the company on the occasion of the 15th birthday of the company in the same place where it all started from. This new search algorithm will affect 90% of the searches being made worldwide. This is not what most website owners would like to hear as their rankings and therefore their sales of products and services will be affected with the launch of Hummingbird.

Hummingbird focuses upon meaning of entire sentence

Hummingbird by Google is a major update, second only to Caffeine that was announced some time back by the company. While caffeine concerned itself with the speed with which Google indexed various websites, Hummingbird concentrates more on bringing up appropriate results for the internet user based upon his query. The new algorithm actually helps Google to better search the facts and information that the user is desirous of. In other words, Hummingbird tries to broaden the search instead of confining it on the basis of just the keywords, which was the case earlier. Now Google looks for the real meaning of the words typed by the internet user rather than going by just the keywords inside the search.

However, Google says that it is not giving up entirely upon keyword based search, but only trying to bring more appropriate search results through interpretation of language. Not many people know that this new algorithm has been in use by Google for the past one month affecting not only the searches, but also the rankings of websites around the world.

Google Billboard SignThe other updates announced earlier are still relevant

The introduction of Hummingbird does not make Google Panda and Google Penguin, earlier algorithms announced by Google, obsolete or meaningless. Also, search engine optimization remains as important as ever and there is no truth in the rumors that SEO is finally dead. Google is desirous of fresh and meaningful content as before and the new algorithm will only enable the search engine to process the query made by the surfers around the world in a better and more meaningful manner.

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