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It cannot be stressed enough that it is very important to keep your website updated all the time. 99% of your competitors will not bother to keep their website updated and as a result they lose clients because the clients are not interested in stale information. And since they do not find anything new in them the clients either don’t revisit the sites or forget all about them.

You might think it is too much hard work to update your site all the time or you might find hiring someone to do your updating too expensive. If that is the case, you can go in for CMS or content management system; the important point is that you must keep your site updated. This is what keeps the clients coming in and visiting your website and the more often they visit the more likely it is that they will book appointments at your site.

Post new photos, videos and any special deals at least once a week; keep a blog expressing your feelings and keep your schedules up-to-date. These small things make a lot of difference. Some CMS are very easy to use and you need spend an hour or so each week for updating your site which will get you repeat customers

Post plenty of photos; in fact, the more photos you upload, the better. You can go in for professionally taken photos but what you have to remember is that your clientele is more interested in quantity rather than quality and if you can get your graphic designer to simply edit your photos it will be enough.

Professional photos can get very expensive also. So, you can take your own photos but always remember to cover your face since you do not want your life to be ruined in case you decide to leave the industry and someone does discover your photos and website. Your graphic designer can doctor the photos by making the photo blurred or you can wear a mask or have photos taken from an angle where your face does not show. Most of your competitors feel too lazy to upload lots of photos as it means hard work. But, if you can do it will mean more clients for you.

Record some videos and upload them on your website as very few such services provide videos. The reason is that making and uploading videos can be quite difficult but clients simply love them. The minute you upload your video it will be downloaded on other sites. You can try and excite your clients by your video and you will end up with many more appointments. The only disadvantage is that once you decide leave the industry, your videos may still be doing the rounds on the net and may just pop up to haunt you.

A professional website is the best investment you can make in your line as clients get attracted to well-made and presentable websites. Don’t go for the cheapest way to make a website. Cheap websites can be made by using Photoshop or HTML or by purchasing templates which have various designs but none of these will give a professional look to your website. If you make enquiries in your area you will find that the best escort agencies have topnotch websites and you also have to make an investment in your website to get more clients. This can be done by hiring web designers or graphic designers or using a CMS.

Use the ‘exclusivity’ bait to keep your clients visiting your site repeatedly; offer incentives, deals which perhaps is available once a week and only on your website. This will make the clients feel that they are in for something special and they will most likely book appointments. Have a mailing list which your clients can join and then keep sending them reminders. Offer discounts to make them feel special. But, the important thing is to give them a good time so that they keep coming back to you.

Conclusion: In all probability you are not doing more than 1 thing in the list like most of the agencies. If you are doing 2 things out of the 5 you are 50% ahead of others whereas if it is 4 out of 5, you are 90% ahead of your competitors. And if it is 5 out of 5 you would have left your competitors far behind and this will be the secret of your success.


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