Responsive Web Design for adult entertainment customer


Fri 2015

Responsive Web Design for adult entertainment customer

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Defining the concept of Responsive Web Design can be quite tricky since it encapsulates several notions. The Responsive Web Design deals with building websites from scratch, creating sites that are available for as many online users as possible. This approach aims to offer an optimal viewing and browsing experience. If you`re wondering what are the benefits of using such an approach, here are a few advantages: Responsive Design helps you use subtitles on videos; it also uses text markup protocols that makes the content function with assistive devices. If you use this concept, you`ll make sure that your site allows a user friendly reading and navigation. You won`t have to deal with the panning, resizing and scrolling anymore since Responsive Web Design takes care of these aspects, too. The assistive devices mentioned earlier include a broad range of gadgets from mobile phones to tablets or desktop computers. Any site that has used Responsive Web Design will adapt its layout for any gadget there is by employing proportion based grids, CSS3 media queries and many others.

There are three essential things that define the Responsive Web Design.

The biggest concern of a site that uses Responsive Web Design is flexible layouts. This is one of the three most important aspects of Responsive Web Design. Flexible layouts can adjust to any resolution there is while px-based (fixed) layouts don`t have this option. Another great advantage that flexible layouts offer is the fact that you won`t have to adjust the resolution manually.

If the layout is flexible and it changes depending on the resolution, images will be affected as well. Which takes us to our second aspect: flexible images. A website that uses RWD will resize the photos automatically for a better viewing experience.

The last but not least important aspect concerning Responsive Web Design is the media queries. This is the designer`s favorite aspect since media queries allow them to create multiple layouts for different assisting devices just by using the same content! Web designers often use CSS media queries to fit certain parameters (including orientation, min-width while applying different page styling). Everything changes for the better with this innovative responsive web designing that creates a better online experience without altering the design of a site, but improving it thus eliminating any design problems that might arise when the resolution changes.

The concept of a responsive website design is quite new but it`s catching up pretty fast. Everybody who`s anybody in the online environment uses this concept. Basically, a responsive web design creates the perfect platforms depending on the means you use to access the internet (either by mobile phone, by tablet or by computer). Sites can now be created in a way in which they can easily fit any platform and they can change their size and resolution based on the gear that you are using to access the online environment. You can change mostly anything now; from the resolution of the screen to the size of different elements found on the page that you are accessing. But if you are not sure of what steps you need to take, better consult with an expert that will guide you every step of the way.

The benefits of such an advanced web design can be easily noticed: this kind of design creates a better online experience and this is how you bring more people to visit your site. It`s a great SEO strategy that everybody should apply.

This being said, our website, is focusing on providing you the best website design services there are. We like to stay informed with the novelties that pop up almost daily on the internet and after many experiments we implement a certain strategy or pattern. We never make experiments with our customers; we only offer services that have been tested by us in advance and that have proved to be secure, efficient and advantageous.

Most people judge others on first impressions. The way in which we talk and dress up influences the way other people see us. This is what happens to sites as well. Working so long with adult entertainment companies and clients we have managed to gather a lot of useful information. For example, all the sites that were successful had a good SEO strategy that involved a responsive web design. The layout of a site is as important as physical appearance is for society nowadays.

So if you want to make sure that your site has traffic aka visitors and that the profit is increasing, you need to establish a strategy, make sure you follow the SEO guidelines and take into consideration that you always have to be up to date with the latest changes.

Our company aims to improve the online experience for adult entertainment websites. We have handled many adult entertainment websites that experienced a lot of issues. Some pages weren`t loading at all because the interface wasn`t adapting to different screen sizes or other gadgets apart from the regular computer or laptop.

Remember that you should always monitor the progress of your website online and see what changes you can implement for the better.

Our website, typically use responsive web design with our WordPress theme/plugin for a escort website and Custom Escort Web Design Packages. We are offering you plenty of solutions that will maximize your site`s potential and in the same time will increase the functionality of the page. We offer services for a varied clientele: from independent escorts to adult entertainment customers, escorts agencies and escorts directory.

you can see an independent/agency/parlour example here :, and Try them for yourselves on both a desktop and mobile.

If you have a website and are interested in discussing responsive adult website design or re-design options, feel free to give us a call anytime: +(01) 402 403 1857 / +(44) 020 3239 6187 or Either contact us via our online form.

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