Common Website Mistakes People Commit


Fri 2015

Common Website Mistakes People Commit

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Common Website Mistakes People Commit

If you are making a website to communicate with your customers and to increase sales, there are many things to bear in mind. While there are many things in common while conducting business offline and online, you have to remember that you are not there to handle the situation when dealing with a customer through a website. It is purely what information you have provided on the website that will do the talking for you. This article takes a look at the common website mistakes people make. These mistakes prove costly for the owners in terms of success and popularity of their business.

Missing text content on the website

There are many people who feel that it is arresting and beautiful images and videos that can do all the talking and there is no purpose served by text on the website. There is no doubt that sharp images and other graphics can be mesmerizing, but to be ranked by various search engines, it is imperative that you place text content on the website. This not only balances the overall content, but also gives the search engines the basis to recognize and rank your website. Even if you want to say it all through images, you need some message in the form of text to iron out wrinkles in the navigation system of the web page. Images and graphics make a website open slowly and search engines penalize such sites.

Stale and meaningless content

When you are selling something physically, do you store items that are not related to your niche? No, and this is what people often do when they have content on their websites that is either very old, copied, or does not relate with their chosen niche. Search engines can smell the aroma of fresh and meaningful content from a distance and give a better ranking to your website than when you have stale or meaningless content on the website. Help visitors with words, so that they can navigate easily on your website and get quickly what they want.

Not guiding customers to action

If you have everything in fine balance on your website, but customers do not know what they should do with all this information, you are losing out on sales or business. Strike the iron when it is hot. You have convinced and converted a visitor to be in a mental state to buy the product and it is time to give a call to action. Give them a button to click to buy the product or service in different ways. Buy now or click here are two buttons that should be prominently placed to catch the attention of the visitor.

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