Why Build a Escort Website?

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Why is it necessary to build an Escort Website?

Is it necessary to have a Website?

For companions, escorts, massage providers or escort agencies, a website is an excellent investment and will enable you to do various useful things such as:

– Display photographs

– Post your contact details such as email address and phone number

– Post your services and rates

– Post answers to frequently asked questions and

– Post your schedule etc

You can do more:–

  1. You can get tracking info to find out the way your visitors are going through your website. Which are the pages they are looking at the most and which pages are they leaving out?
  2. You can place your special rates and announcements on the top of your webpages to inform your clients about them
  3. Have banners and links to other related websites.  Creating links with other escort services and massage providers etc can increase the traffic to your website
  4. Run a blog on your website to inform your clients what the things you are doing everyday, and this will add an updated feeling to your website
  5. Set aside parts of your website as secure areas which only some clients can view with a password.  This makes those clients feel special

You can do even more :

  1. You can add videos
  2. You can collect information about your clients on your website, so you can screen them or allow them to book appointments
  3. New emails and appointments can be sent to your cell phone so you can answer them immediately
  4. Have a mailing list of your clients so that sometimes you can send them emails to let them know when you are free
  5. Have a cell phone version of your website for your serious clients who can go through your site with a Blackberry or PDA
  6. Have your website search engine optimized so that your website   appears at the top when your clients browse for escorts, companions etc


Is it easy to build your own website?

If you know HTML or you can learn it, you can build your own basic website to display your photos, your rates, contact information etc.  Google ‘how to make a website’ and ‘learn HTML’ and go through some tutorials. You have to purchase a domain name from GoDaddy and you need website hosting.  The only foreseeable problem here is that some website hosting may shut down your website if they discover it is an escort website.

You can really keep your costs down if you build your own website.  You have to devote some time learning how to create a website and just pay for the domain name which is usually $10 per year, and $20-$50 per month for web hosting.  Be prepared to spend at least 20 hours to keep your website updated every month.  This will actually be a very good investment for you.  You can set aside $100 to $200 a month for a newspaper ad, but you won’t be maximizing the benefits of your ad without a website.  Your clients will remember your website, but they won’t remember your phone number.

Is building your own website difficult?

You have to be careful, because your website will be the first impression your clients will have of you.  If you are not skilled in Photoshop or Fireworks and don’t possess sufficient design skills, your clients may form a poor impression of your website.  You may be deluded into thinking your website looks good, but if you surf the Internet and check out the other escort websites, you will realize how bad your website design looks.

A poorly designed website will make you look cheap to your clients.  Appearances count a lot, like a decently got up restaurant can charge good prices for their food while the food quality itself may be poor.

The advanced features on a website require some knowledge of programming which most of us do not have.  So you may end up creating a website that is very basic, and you will miss out on a lot of opportunities that you can create on your website if you only use it to display photos, rates and your contact information.  Your website will need to be kept updated if you want your clients to come back often, which alone will ultimately lead them to book an appointment.

Find a Web Designer for your website

Webmaster, web designer, website developer, all mean the same thing, which is someone who knows how to build a website.  A web designer will be specialized in the graphical part, but he may not know much about programming and creating features.  A web developer will be skilled at programming but will not know much about the designing and creativity part.  A webmaster can be a web developer or a web designer. Many people claim to be good at both web designing and developing, but don’t believe them.  No one is equally good at everything – a good programmer is unlikely to be good at graphics designing, and a good graphics person is likely to be weak in the programming aspect.

The truth is that most web designers are quite clueless about what to do.  They may have taken some courses at a college but they lack experience, and they don’t know many of the advanced things about programming.  They can produce a basic website and that’s all.  Or worse, they may have some software with which they will attempt to put together a website for you, but the end result will be hardly functional and will look shoddy and as if hacked together.

Most of their designing will be pretty bad too, which will become obvious if you just surf the Internet.  They may offer you really cheap websites for $500 – $750, but there are reasons why they are so cheap.  A really good website designer should have a much better paying job.  So most escorts websites have got cheap looking websites because they don’t have sufficient Internet experience and they don’t know much about good website designs.  But unfortunately, their clients are Internet savvy and can tell a cheaply designed escorts website quite easily!

But you needn’t think all designers are bad.  Most of them are not good, but some are.  We have another article where we have put down, based on our own experiences, how you can find a good designer and developer, and what are the reasonable prices.  You needn’t pay too much, but neither pay too little, because you will always get what you pay for!

Most escorts websites have experienced their web designers charging them steep fees for updating their websites every month, or they promise cheap updates and just disappear!  Every escorts website has had problems with their web designers at some point.  But if you are willing to shell out $50 or more per hour, you can avoid these problems since the designer will charge you for the time they spent on your website.  So if you wish to keep your website updated, be prepared to pay fees for it.  Designers who promise free updates just disappear after they have been paid!

You should never allow your website to be not updated, because then your clients will not come back.  The oftener they come back, the more likely they are to book an appointment.  If they just book that first appointment, they will find out how good you are, and then they will become repeat clients!

You will find more information on how to find a good web designer and developer in our other articles, and what are the things you should avoid.

CMS or Content Management Systems

These are software that can help you build your website.  Called Website Builders or Content Management Systems; these software enable you to create and update your website even if you don’t know HTML.  They also have some features, so you needn’t know how to program them either.

If you google “website builder”, you will get plenty of results; there are many types of Website Builders or CMS, but not all of them are suitable for the escorts industry.  It is generally a bit tough to find a suitable CMS for the escorts industry.

Some CMS will require that you have your own ready design, or you might be asked to choose a ‘template’.  A template represents a generic design created for general use, so you may find that some other escorts agency is using the same design as you! This means you are paying for a design or you have to select a design which is being used by other people.  Your clients are likely to notice this and think it highly unprofessional.  Most of these templates also look cheap and generic because they have been designed to suit everybody.

If you don’t know a good web designer, or don’t have much knowledge of building websites, your best choice is a Content Management System.

Unfortunately, too many CMS are not available which are suitable for the escorts industry, but there are still some good ones.  If you read our article on Content Management Systems and check out our Website Reviews, you will find some useful suggestions.


If you are planning to make some good money out of the escorts or massage industry, it is absolutely essential for you to have a website.  Getting a website is not really all that difficult if you can avoid the major pitfalls. We offer you many articles on building your own website, finding a good developer, or how to use an escort CMS.  You can save yourself some time and money by reading these articles.


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