How To Take Effective Photos of Yourself

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Effective photos are a must in the escorts and massage provider services and should not be taken lightly. Many just use a phone or digital camera to shoot photos of self and think they are done with. But, slipshod photos do not work in this business and you can follow some techniques for effective escort photo taking. It need not be expensive professional photos; if you simply follow some rules of digital photography you can take great pictures and upload them on your website without spending a bomb.

Professional photography

Professional photos are of course the best if you can afford the rates. Professional photographers not only use high end cameras resulting in quality pictures, you can also get great studio backdrops and lighting. Lighting makes all the difference in such pictures and even a $2000 camera can take better pictures than a $10000 camera in proper lighting. But, professionally taken photos are expensive so you might not be able to keep getting new pictures clicked. If you are going to use only 1 set of photos then it may make sense to go in for professional photos. However, don’t pay more than $200-$300 for a set.


Resolutions and mega pixels- The resolution of your photos means the number of dots or pixels that make up a picture. The more pixels a picture have, the higher the quality of the photo. A 640x 480 photo means it is 640 pixels wide and 480 pixels high and the combined pixels of the photo is therefore 307,200 pixels. When you hear of pictures of 6 or 10 mega pixels it simply means that the camera is capable of taking photos of up to 6,000,000 or 10,000,000 pixels. The file size of your photos will correspond to the number of pixels.

Quality- the quality of photos can be adjusted to low, medium or high on most cameras. High – quality pictures will be less compressed and look better on screen and will have a larger file size. If your camera is set to the highest resolution and quality, you will be able to take only a small number of pictures.

Getting a camera-

Film cameras have become more or less outdated now and there is no need to get one.

Digital cameras are the choice at present and these are very affordable and can take up to 10 mega pixels pictures. Most of them have an ‘auto’ setting which adjusts the settings on the camera according to the current light available and you can get the best possible pictures under those settings.

Digital SLR cameras are professional cameras which are expensive and used mainly for professional photography.

Using your camera

The automatic setting in the camera works best if you are a novice in photo taking. There are many settings like the shutter speed and the ISO which if not adjusted properly can affect the quality of pictures. So its best to make it on ‘auto’ setting as the camera adjusts accordingly to the light available. If there is flash when the camera is on auto it means that the room is as bright as possible. The best photos however are taken outdoors.

Taking photos

It is very tricky to take good pictures of self and it is advisable to ask a client or friend to help you out. The lighting should be as adequate as possible for best pictures. Outdoor photos in natural light look good but sometimes s it may be difficult if you want to take erotic pictures of self. While indoors turn on all the lights possible and if the flash does not go off during the shoot it means that the lighting is very good and adequate in the room. Even if the flash does go off it does not imply that the lighting is poor.

Most escorts and massage providers should take the precaution of covering their faces with masks or having their faces blurred during editing since it may get embarrassing later in life when you have moved out of the industry. Many people save such photos while surfing websites and it might just ruin your life at a later stage. It is not necessary but safer to take such precautions because there have been many instances where retired escorts have had their photos dug up much to their embarrassment. If you are showing your face put on proper make up as if you were going to a nightclub or bar but don’t pile on the make up.

The background setting and the clothes are equally important. Very few actually have the body required to carry off nude shots, so, it is better to settle for lingerie or bikinis as some pieces of clothing can cover up imperfections. Get your photo taken in a variety of clothes and wear different clothes for different sets of photos. You can also dress up as if you were going to a bar or a nightclub as clients do get attracted to pictures of escorts dressed in short dresses and high heels. The background need not be white but the area should be clean and tidy. A messy room results in a shoddy look however great the actual picture might be and leaves a bad impression on the clients.

File formats

There are over 20 types of formats which you can use to save your files. JPG, GIF, BMP, RAW, PNG and TIF are some of them out of which JPG is the best. It offers good quality as well as a small file size. If your camera permits adjusting the settings don’t go for the highest resolution and quality unless you plan on editing the photos on your computer or getting it done elsewhere. The reason is that the highest setting results in a very large file size. A medium setting works well. If your file size becomes over 400KB, it may be slow or difficult to download for your clients. If it is under 50Kb then the quality will not be good; settle for a file size between these two extremes for good results.

Editing photos

Editing lets you turn ordinary pictures into spectacular ones and professionally edited photos can look as good as professionally taken photos. Adobe Photoshop is professional editing software which can be used on your computer. You can either take a course in this or hire a professional to edit photos. In this, photos are cropped so that you can retain only the portion of the photo which you want to display. The hue, lightness and saturation levels can be adjusted along with the color level and balance. If you do not do this properly your photos will look fake with artificial colors. If you are getting it professionally edited then take pictures at the highest resolution and quality in your camera as this will help the graphic artist to edit your photo well.

Display files on the website<

Once the above saving and editing of photos is done you can put up the pictures on your website. Basically, you have to use the <img> HTML tag in the web page for displaying the pictures after you have uploaded them onto your computer.

Hosting the photos<

Mostly all escorts, escorts agencies and massage providers can upload the pictures to the same server as the website. However, for very high-traffic websites you might have to consider another site as your company might not allow so much traffic.

Keeping your photos updated<

You must not think that after you have done all of the above your job is done since it is not. Now, begins the task of updating your photos every month if that is possible. Clients constantly want to see new pictures and if you give them what they want they will make repeat visits to your site and book appointments with you. Try and avoid keeping old photos on the website; if your clients know that the photos are there only for a short while they will keep coming back to your site to see new ones.


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