How to build an Escort or Escort Agency Website

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Building a website for escort, escort agencies or massage providers is a lot easier than you think as all you need is the basic knowledge of the internet (HTML etc.) and some hard work. Plenty of web developers and designers do not know much more than you so, don’t get intimidated at the thought of building your website.

Firstly, find a reliable web hosting company which permits adult net hosting. Be careful with your selection because quite a few of them can shut down your site after a few months. So, don’t go in for the cheapest web hosting company but find someone who responds to your emails. Some good adult hosting sites are CirtexHosting and Host Gator. You have to change your domain’s name to the name servers of your web hosting company. Usually the domain name of the web hosting company will read something like ns1.

You have to plan easy navigation of your website to attract more clients. If clients cannot navigate through your site they will quickly leave the site. So, plan the web pages and then organize them on the site.

All sites normally have a disclaimer page stating that the website and escorts only offer companionship in exchange of money and anything which happens beyond that is between two consenting adults. A disclaimer page is supposed to protect you from legalities but rarely does it help you if charges of prostitution are brought up against you.

Your homepage should tell prospective clients a little about yourself and can be used to make announcements. You can keep visitors informed about updated sections, any special deals or revision of rates. You must change the content of your home page regularly otherwise the clients will get bored of seeing the same stuff.

The About or Profile page gives personal and intimate information about yourself like your height and weight, chest/hip sizes, your nationality etc. Describe yourself as much as possible because your clients would like to know your personality.

The rates, services and schedules page will give your client an idea about your charges and services offered. It is a good idea to either put up your regular working hours or keep updating your schedules if you don’t want to be harassed by phone calls asking the same ‘availability’ question. A ‘gift page’ is useful to those clients who might want to get you small gifts and they can get an idea about what you might like from this page. A FAQ or frequently asked questions will help you avoid answering the same tedious question over and over again. You can also put up questions which you know your clients would like to ask but may be too shy to do so. A ‘specials’ page will show announcements on special deals and services which you must keep updated. A ‘Links page’ providing links to other escorts or agencies is not a disadvantage to your business as many tend to think. A page of friendly links will in fact give you more credibility with your clients.

A ‘Photos page’ is probably the most important of all the pages. Upload plenty of pictures of yourself and keep adding fresh ones. Just remember to cover your face if you do not want your pictures to come back to haunt you once you have left the industry. The ‘testimonials or reviews’ page should show reviews from your past clients. If possible, add a link to other review sites like the Exotic Review for more credibility.

The ‘rules and expectations’ page is used to inform the clients about what to expect or not to expect from your services. The “contact’ page has your phone number and your email but make sure that you have anti-spam fitted unless you want to be bombarded by a lot of spam which is sure to happen once your email address is posted. You can also inform your clients whether you prefer text messages or unblocked phone calls.

For more professionally designed website here are some other things to be considered.

A mailing list or newsletter is very useful as this way you can get your client’s email address. Have your clients sign up on your mailing list and keep them informed about special deals, discounts or offers. Offer the signed clients exclusive deals. Make intimate videos of yourself and upload them on the site; this will get you clients in droves. The drawback is that clients will want to download those videos and you cannot afford to have intimate videos of yourself circulating on the net. You can use technology to stream the videos so that they cannot be downloaded on to your client’s computer. This is expensive and you can only make 1 short clip at a time which means that you will have to keep deleting the old video before replacing it with a new one. The CMS makes it easier to update so many pages.

You can use Photoshop or HTML to design and program your site once you have all the content matter in hand. Your designs can be very simple just stating your name and photo or be more ornate. Since your website is the first impression your clients’ get of you it is important that the site looks attractive and well-designed. If you are not confident of doing it yourself then get professional help; the expense will be worth it in the long run.

Next you can upload your files to a web hosting site for which you may need an FTP program although many hosts allow internet browsers. FireFox gives a free add-on called Fire FTP while WS FTP and Cute FTP are also very popular FTP programs. Although free FTP can be got they are usually problematic. An IP address, username and password will be required to log in to FTP and the correct folder has to be looked for. Your default file has to be named to index. htm otherwise people will not be able to access your home page.

Programming languages like Java, PHP, Asp, Cold Fusion are all much more advanced than HTML and are used by designers to create complex web pages. But beginners too find it very useful as for instance, if your phone number has to be changed, usually you have to change it as many times as it appears on the pages. But, PHP lets you create a layout file displaying different pages so that you need to change the number only once in your layout file. MySQL and SQL are even more advanced technology used for creating databases. It needs experience to understand the programming languages but you can download ready-made ones for basic functionality.

Conclusion: The basic steps to getting your website creation right is to get hold of a domain name and web hosting company, plan and organize your web pages with written content as well as photos and videos, design it attractively and upload the files. This article is to help you take the first few basic steps in creating and designing your web site and you can always take professional help. The golden rule to remember is that your web site impression can make or mar your business so it is imperative to get it right.


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