Finding an Escort Website Content Management System (CMS)

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Finding an Escort Website Content Management System, or (CMS)

A program that creates, edits, manages and publishes content in an organized way is called a CMS, or content management system.  CMS’s are also used for purposes of storage, and for controlling and publishing manuals, news articles, sales guides, technical manuals and marketing brochures that are industry-specific.  Because industries have their separate needs, there are different CMS for the various industries.

A Website CMS helps you to create and manage your website pages.  The purpose of a CMS is to help you when you don’t know how to create a website or to program HTML.  You merely have to follow the CMS instructions and your escort agency website gets created and your clients can see it.

Building and Managing your website – Should you use a Website CMS?

  1. Can you handle basic features of HTML such as CSS, tables and line breaks?
  2. Can you upload your website by installing and operating an FTP program?
  3. Do you know any of the web programming languages such as ASP, PHP or Cold Fusion?


If you cannot do one or more of these, you should think of opting for a Website CMS for building an escort agency website.

Website CMS – how does it work

You need not be scared of CMS, it is only a program to help you create and manage your website.  You have to log into your account and then you work on changing the content of each page. You can change the look of your pages by uploading images and adding text.

Website CMS – any disadvantages?

Why would anyone opt for getting their website created, if you can use a CMS? It is because of the question of flexibility.  You have to follow the dictates of the CMS; you can modify only a few things on your website with the CMS. When a website is built from scratch, without a CMS, there is the total freedom to do whatever one wishes.

CMSs are designed for all kinds of websites, so they cannot really solve all the problems one may face, because CMS are based on the “one size fits all” principle.

But to create one’s own website, you have to know some programming and maintenance of files through FTP; if you don’t know these things, you have to use  CMS.

What are Hosted CMS and Standalone CMS Software

There are two types of CMS; in the hosted CMS, you log into your CMS account to create and manage your website.  The second type is a standalone CMS in which you have to install your own software and maintain your website and the CMS software yourself.

One should never opt for a standalone CMS for an escorts website, because it is difficult to install the software and one needs to know programming to maintain it.  The software may present problems which might prevent the website from functioning properly.  It is more advisable to purchase an account so that the hosting CMS company handles and manages your website’s software.

If the web designers you have hired don’t know internet programming, they are likely to install a standalone CMS software with which you will have to update your website.  They will offer to give you a login so that you can update your website yourself.  This in itself is not a bad option but there are no standalone CMS designed for the escort industry.  Also, your designer will disappear, and the people you hire to upgrade your system will charge you steeply to manage your CMS, because they don’t know how to do it.

The big companies with million dollar budgets build their own CMS from scratch.  The best option in this scenario is an industry specific CMS that is built for your company.

While there are 100’s of CMS, here is a list for your convenience: List of content management systems

Don’t all the hosted Website CMS do the same thing?

Each Website CMS builds your website differently, though their purpose is the same.  They all look different and have different features.  All of them will of course claim they are the easiest to use.

There are generic and industry specific CMSs.

What are Generic Website CMS Systems

Generic Website CMSs claim to do everything for everyone and claim they can easily build a professional website to suit any industry, which is not true.

Many of these generic Website CMS systems are free; they not only sell advertising on your website but also set limitations and charge you money.  Nothing is really free and nobody sells their time and services for free.

Beginners and hobbyists can benefit by availing the services of these “free” generic Website CMSs as they can build a simple website.  You can start your own website for free, even if you don’t know programming or graphics designing.  They offer templates from which you can choose your design, and you don’t require any skills.  Real businesses would never use the services of a free, generic CMS, because of all these limitations.

Some popular generic Website CMS are Yahoo Website Builder (, GeoCities (, Webs (, Angelfire (, which can help build simple websites suitable for any industry.

What are Industry specific CMS

Generic CMS systems are not good at anything, because they claim to be all things to all people.  Don’t be fooled into believing that with a generic CMS you can build a website for any industry.  You can make a website, but it will look hardly professional.

There are many industry-specific Website CMS:

Blogging Websites: WordPress (

Document Websites: KnowledgeTree (

Wiki Websites: MediaWiki (

Educational/Learning Websites: eFront (

Political Websites: CivicSpace (

Each industry has their unique need, that is why they must have their own Website CMS.  The educational and learning industry, for example, needs websites with different levels of members like teachers and students, and different courses and tests for the courses.  The escort industry does not need any of these.

The general CMS systems try to do everything for everyone and don’t really succeed.  They have a lot of unnecessary features which do not focus on any industry specific needs, whereas industry specific CMS have features that are required by individual industries.

How to choose a website CMS for your escort business

Look at these five important aspects before you select a website CMS:

Try out the demos:  Try out the functions yourself.  If they are not providing a demo, there must be a reason for it.  Read all the features and make sure you can log into a demo account and actually use it.

Check out some websites built with the CMS:  Check out a few full websites created with the CMS you are thinking of using.  A lot of CMS are bad and may disappoint you even before you sign up.

Main features:  Read all their features to make sure it is suitable for the escort industry.  For instance, you will need to display your own table with your rates and schedules which you can’t do with a general CMS.  But you should be able to display your services and rates nicely in an escort CMS.  The design of a general CMS may not make your website look like an escort website. You also have to check out how many useful features there are in the CMS which will be helpful to your business to make your clients keep coming back.

Is it easy to use?  Can you use the CMS easily, or do you have any difficulty editing the different pages? There is a lot of difference between fancy things and useful things.  Usually, fancy things are harder to use.  Big companies like Microsoft and Google spend large sums of money just to make their websites look as simple as possible.  You just have to use Google to find how easy it is to use.  So be sure to use a demo to find out how easy the CMS is to use.

Price:  Since nothing is really free, if they say something is free, find out the catch.  No good product should be given away for free.  People are willing to pay for good products which will help them earn money.  But don’t over pay either, you don’t need a $5000 website at this stage.

Custom design or template:  Avoid templates, and be sure to get a custom design done by a professional graphics designer.  You clients have already seen many escort websites and they will be able to figure out if you website looks cheap.  Only beginners think that if a website looks good to them, it will look good to the clients also.  Stay away from templates, because they are for people who don’t know anything about the Internet.  If you are asked to “choose” your website design, be sure you are being offered a template.  The only occasion when you can use a template is when you don’t have any money at all.  As soon as you have money, go in for a professional custom designed look.

Favorite escort CMS

Cuties Tools (www.cuties-tools-com) is the present CMS leader for the escort industry for the simple reason that there is no other CMS designed specifically for the escort industry with which you can build a professional website without the use of templates.

But they have their problems, too.  They were aggressively adding new features in their first two years.  This resulted in a lot of bugs which was very annoying.  But they have improved a lot in the last year.  Another problem was that they used templates in the beginning.  They offered a dozen or so designs for the users to choose from.  But they have now understood escorts don’t want templates.  A proper website must have a professionally created custom design, otherwise your clients can see through it very easily.  They now have a team of professional graphic designers who now do custom designing for all websites.


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