Facebook? Twitter? MySpace? What are they? Do I need them?

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Social networking has become the latest fad and Facebook, Twitter, MySpace are all part of the craze. These social networking sites allow you to give vent to your feelings and meet new people. You can create your own web page, look up old friends, tell others about what’s happening in your life and post photos.

Amongst all these social networks, Facebook is the largest and commands almost 300 million followers. MySpace follows with 260 million and Twitter with 45 million users is not far behind. The reason for the popularity of these sites is that they allow you to search for old friends, make new friends and expand your social circle. You can keep everyone updated about what’s happening in your life and also get to know what others are up to.

Each of these sites however is a bit different from one another. MySpace was basically designed for music artistes but soon everyone randomly started creating their own web pages on the site and as a result, the MySpace pages have become totally distorted.

Facebook was primarily designed for the use of youngsters but it has turned into a general social networking site. Although initially even beginners would find it easy to use the site, recently, Facebook has become so cluttered with unnecessary features that experienced users too are facing problems.

Twitter is the latest to join the bandwagon of social sites but it has quickly collected a cult following as it can be used from cell phones also and messages can be posted anytime and anywhere. This has made it very popular with celebrities who use Twitter to keep their fans updated. 140 characters is the maximum limit allowed on Twitter.

Business professionals can look to LinkedIn which is often used to hunt for new employees.

Social networking sites have people hooked on to them so badly that many spend hours on these sites just to see what their friends are doing while some simply use them to snoop around. Many have also lost their jobs because they have posted complaints about their boss on Facebook.

These social networking sites will probably not work for escorts, massage providers and escort agencies since anything of an adult nature can be deleted. A website called AdultFriendFinder is there but it contains a lot of fake profiles and fake users.

Social networking sites do not make useful platforms for escort agencies etc. since people who use these sites are not looking for such services. It is best to advertise to only those people who desire such services.


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